Why Investing and Living in Greece

Facts about Greece

  1. Greece official name is Hellas. The Chinese name for Greece “Xila”  is one of the closest to the official name attributed by a foreign country.
  2. Greece has a population of about 11 Million
  3. Athens is the largest city and capital of Greece. Other major cities include Thessaloniki, Patra, Heraklion
  4. Greece is a parliamentary republic. The nominal head of state is the president of the republic
  5. Greece is a developed country with an advance high-income economy
  6. Greece has very high standards of living  (way above Brazil, China and Russia)
  7. Greece is a European Union and Schengen country, member of UN, NATO, World Trade Organization and other International institutions and organizations
  8. Greece is the cradle of the Western Civilization with over 5,000 years of history. It has the largest influence in the western world than any other country
  9. Greece is inhabited since prehistoric times 7th millennium BC
  10. The Greek language is one of the oldest and most sophisticated languages in the world. Tens of thousands of English words are inherited by the Greek language
  11. Greece is the birthplace of democracy, arts, architecture, sciences, literature and the Olympic Games. Modern Greece still influences the World.
  12. Greece offers over 100 outstanding archaeological sites such as the Acropolis, Delphi, Olympia, Knossos and Mycenae
  13. Greece has a strategic position in the world and is a gateway to European Union. it lies at the meeting point of three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa
  14. Greece has a pleasurable Mediterranean climate with mild temperature and an average of 280 sunny days / year.
  15. Greece is one of the top tourist and hospitable destinations in the world (est. 19 Million visitors in 2013)
  16. Greece has over 1,400 Islands. Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Zakynthos, Corfu are amongst  the most popular
  17. Greece has the largest coastline in Europe with 16.000 kilometres of coastline, comparable to countries such as China.
  18. Greece with about 150 mountains is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. The Olympus mountain is the highest mountain in Greece with the highest peak at 2,917 meters
  19. Greece has  minimal pollution and low crime rates
  20. Greece has a well-developed infrastructure of 48 airports, 140 ports, and an advance network of highway and railway  systems
  21. The Athens Airport is considered one of the most functional and Modern in Europe offering direct connection to almost all of the European Countries and major destinations in the world.
  22.  Public Education is provided free of charge in Greece
  23. Greece has one of the highest living expectancy rates in the world
  24. Greek Mediterranean diet  rich in olive oil, vegetables and fruits  is considered one of the healthiest and most balance diets in in the world
  25. Greece is ranked among the first two top countries on the Blue Flag quality award list of countries for the cleanness, organization, safety and environmental protection of  Beaches and Marinas.
  26. Greece has over 200 state museums and 107 private where visitor can admire unique works of arts and sciences that travel back to over 6,000 years. The National Archaeological museum and the Acropolis museum both with their exquisite collections are considered two of the most important in the world.
  27. Greece has the largest Casino in Europe in the city of Loutraki close to Athens, the “club-hotel Casino Loutraki”
  28. Greece in Piraeus has one of the Largest Sea and Container Ports  in Europe  (2 Million containers/year).
  29. Greece host one of the largest Chinese investments of strategic importance in Europe implemented by the Chinese shipping company COSCO group.
  30. Greece successfully hosted the Olympic Games in 2004. A great achievement given the size of the country.
  31. Contrary to the common belief Greeks are the most hard working people in Europe. The average Greek is working a full 40% longer than the average German. (OECD stats)

The Greek Economy

  1. Greece is member of the Euro-zone, The European Economic Zone
  2. The official currency in Greece since 2002 is the Euro (EUR)
  3. The Tourist and Shipping industries are the top contributors to the Greek economy
  4. Greece is the largest economy in the Balkans
  5. Greece is one of the leading producers of olive oil. Greek olives and Greek Feta are considered of highest quality.
  6. Greece has the largest merchant navy in the world
  7. According to the latest preliminary studies Greece has potential large reserves of natural resources of oil and gas

Health Care in Greece

  • Greece has a universal Health Care system
  • Life expectancy in Greece is 80.3 years, above the average of 79.5
  • Health care in Greece is provided through national or private health insurance
  • The Health Care system in Greece is ranked 14th worldwide above countries such as Germany(25) and UK(18)
  • Greece has 131 hospitals and 35,000 beds (2009) higher than UK, Spain & Italy
  • Greece has the largest number of doctors-to-population ratio of any OECD  country
  • Greece was ranked the 19th best country out of 176 countries for newborn babies
  • Infant mortality is one of the lowest in the developed world
  • The  largest general hospital in Greece is “Evangelismos” General Hospital of Athens with 1,100 beds.
  • The largest Private Hospital in Greece is “Mitera” (Children’s & Maternity Hospital )
  • The “Interbalkan European Medical Center” in Thessaloniki in Greece  is one of the best in  Europe
  • A residence permit in Greece gives access to the Health Care System

The Education in Greece

  • Greece has  many high quality State-owned &  Foreign (mainly British & American) Universities, Schools and Colleges.
  • The Literacy level in Greece is  98 % of the population; one of the highest in the world
  • Public Education in Greece is provided free of tuition fees and text-books are provided for free
  • English Language is taught in all of the educational levels starting from the primary school up to the University level
  • Almost in all cities in Greece there are Private English Schools where children can attend supplementary English classes after school
  • The most top ranking  Public Universities in Greece include:
    • The National Technical University of Athens
    • The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (One of the top ranking in the world)
    • The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
    • The University of Crete
    • Athens University of Economy and Business
  • Top distance learning University : The Hellenic Open University
  • Many authorized Colleges, Institutions & Universities in  Greece  offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in English language in  collaboration with British and American Universities that can lead to  Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Titles ; The Academic titles offered are accredited by the foreign Universities.
  • Some f the foreign Colleges and Universities in Greece include:
    • The American College of Greece
    • University of Indianapolis
    • The New York College
    • The Mediterranean College
    • The BCA College
    • The British Hellenic College
    • The IST College
  • A residence permit in Greece gives access to the Free Public Education

Greece Real Estate Immigration Investment – Non EU Nationals

  • Buying one or more properties with a minimum total value of 250.000 Euro.
  • 5 Years Residence Permit in Greece
  • Easy Renewal process Every 5 years for the same period if the ownership status remains unchanged.
  • Free Entry and Exit in 26 Schengen countries including 24 of the EU countries
  • Maximum stay 3 months every 6 months in Schengen Area.
  • No Need to leave in Greece; No minimum or maximum period of staying in Greece or number of revisits;
  • No any effect on residence permit holders’ normal and work  life in their home countries
  • Joint ownership  if each of the co-owners invests at least 250,000 Euro.
  • Family members, spouse and children less than 18 years old, may be granted a personal residence permit  which is renewed for the same duration concurrently with the residence permit of the real estate owner-sponsor.
  • No knowledge of Greek or English Language is required
  • Freehold ownership; No  time limit to the period of ownership
  • Fast Track Procedures; may take less than 3 months to  receive the Residence Permit.
  • Title deed in 4-6 days after registering the property transfer at the land registry / registry of mortgages.
  • Access to Education free of tuition Fees and to the Health Care Services

* Foreigners who buy properties for visa immigration in non Schengen countries like Cyprus, UK, Ireland may need additional permission to travel in Schengen Area.

Why Choose our Company

Our Values:

  1. We are a customer-oriented family Business; we keep our family values and our social structure.
  2. We are guided by honesty and dedication  to the job we know how to do best.
  3. We provides to our customers the true facts; we rationalize our customers’ expectations and  we do not provide any misleading information that can counteract their right judgement.
  4. We put our customers needs as priority first; we do not try to  force our customers to solutions that are not compatible with their basic requirements.
  5. We follow the legal procedures in accordance to the Greek laws and regulations
  6. We are honest; we do not use misleading marketing hypes to attract more customers

Our Advantages:

  1. We are very experienced developers with an extensive list of high quality properties most of them close or front to the sea. We also represent other developers with selected properties in popular locations in Greece and we are able to negotiate the lowest prices for our customers
  2. We are a legally registered Greek  company with offices in Greece since 2001. Company activities include the construction of properties and real estate services.
  3. We offer many high-quality properties mainly in popular sea-side locations close to the capital Athens.

The Services to our Customers:

  1. We talk to the customers, analyze their needs and provide customized solutions according to their budget
  2. We organize our customer trip to visit our properties.
  3. We guide and assist our customers from the first step of visiting Greece to the final step of buying the property and applying  for the residence permit.
  4. We provide experienced lawyers to our customers to perform tasks related to the purchase of the property and  their residence permit application or any other requested the task.
  5. We provide services to our customers related to their residence permit application
  6. We cooperate with the customers and their lawyers to assure that the appropriate procedures are followed
  7. We may offer customized services in agreement with our customers.
  8. We may provide a translator/interpreter to our customers if it is requested

Top Reasons to Buy a Property in Greece

  • The Lowest property prices within the last 6 years
  • A large selection of High Quality Properties
  • The Lowest investment amount to obtain residence permit; 1/2 less than Portugal, Spain, less than Cyprus
  • Only 4-5 days required to obtain the title deed after buying the property
  • Travelling to 26 Schengen Countries after obtaining the residence permit (maximum 3 months stay every 6 months)
  • No  time limit to the period of ownership (freehold)
  • Fast Track Procedures; initial grant of residence permit in about 2 months
  • No limit on the number of properties that can be purchased by a foreign buyer
  • Access to the  Health Care and Free Education

Top Reasons to Live in Greece

  • The Security &  benefits of living in a well-developed European Union Country member of the Eurorzone, NATO, UN, World Trade Organization and may International Institutions
  • One of the top touristic and hospitable destinations in the world
  • Over 1,400 Islands and 130 mountains to explore
  • Minimal Pollution and Low crime rates
  • Pleasurable Mild Mediterranean climate with low humidity; average 280 sunny days/year
  • Easy to transfer anywhere in Greece; Extensive Network of airports, highways, railways and sea-ports
  • Direct Connections to almost all European Countries and major destinations in the World
  • Free Public Education, Large selection of public &  foreign schools and Universities
  • Advanced Health Care system  ranked above Germany and Great Britain
  • Low cost of living compared to other European Countries
  • Healthy Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, fruits and vegetables
  • Live in the birthplace of Western civilization with Over 5,000 years of history

Facts you may not Know

  • PR stand for Permanent Residence: the right to indefinitely live in a country; RP stands for Residence Permit: the right to live in a country for a certain usually over  a year period. PR sometimes is misleadingly used by some advertising agents instead of the valid term Residence Permit. Both of those usually are accompanied with certain restrictions and preconditions. We recommend customers or their lawyers to examine national Laws and regulations for the legally adopted terms the specific requirements set.
  • Obtaining a residence permit in Europe does not imply leaving indefinitely in any country in Europe
  • A residence permit in EU  country that also belongs in Schengen Area, gives the right to live in the host country and travel  and stay to other Schengen Countries for a maximum period of 3 months every 6 months.
  • EU countries that do not belong to the Schengen Area include: Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, UK, Ireland. Holders of residence Permit in non-Schengen EU countries may need to apply for additional permission to travel in the Schengen Area.
  • Schengen Area includes 26 countries: Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway,  Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, , Iceland, Luxemberk, Malta, Liechtestein
  • Contrary to some negative publications Greece has never been a Bankrupt; No cut offs on bank accounts have been implemented so far; Greece recovers from recession following a strict program of reforms on certain sectors supported by EU and IMF. Many other developed European Union countries also implement certain reforms to counteract the effects of the recession including Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, France , Ireland, Belgium.

Great Inventions and Achievements of Greeks

  • The Olympic games (776BC)
  • The Democracy ( 510BC)
  • The first Computer in the World ( Antikythera 86BC)
  • Invention of Money Transcactions ( Greek Coin of Aegina ~700BC, Greek Obolos ~1100BC )
  • Great architectural marvels ( The Parthenon 447BC , The Erechtheum 405BC, The Great Mycenaean Walls ~1600BC, The Temple of Zeus 460BC,  The Mionan Palace ~1700BC, The Epidaurus theatre ~400BC,The Colossus of Rhodes 292BC, Saint Sophia 360AC)
  • All the major Sciences
    • Mathematics & Geometry (Pythagoras , Thales, Euclid, Hipparchus, Archytas))
    • Physics ( Archimedes, Democritus)
    • Biology (Hippocrates)
    • Medicine (Hippocrates, “Asclipeus” [ref. Homer])
    • Astronomy (Aristarchus, Democritus, Hipparchus)
    • Geography & Mapping (Strabo, Eratosthenes, Anaximander )
    • Psychology (Thales, Plato, Aristotle)
    • Mechanical Engineering, Hydraulics (Archimedes, Ctesebius, Archytas Heron, Philo of Byzantium )
    • Pneumatics ( Ctesebius)
  • Theater – Tragedy-Drama (Euripides, Sophocles, Aeschylus)
  • Theater – Comedy (Aristophanes)
  • The Poetry (Archillochus, Homer, Sappho, Pindarus)
  • The Philosophy (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Heraclitus)
  • The Artistic Sculpture ( Phedias, Praxitelis )
  • The Academy, the first educational Institution (387BC, Plato)
  • The first Hospital (Asclepius Temple, ~400BC)
  • The Library (Library of Alexandria, ~300BC)
  • The first Museum & University Institution ( The Museum of Alexandria, ~300BC )
  • The Steam Engine ( Heron 10AC )
  • Advance Tunneling (Tunnel of Eupallinos)
  • The first self-propelled flying device (Archytas, 428-347BC)
  • Greek Major Technologies ( Thermometer, Lever, Gears, Analog-Computer, Central heating, Lighthouse, Water-mill, Wind-mill, Automatic Vending-machines, Water-turbine, Advance Sewage system, alarm-clock, Odometer, Crane, Winch, Astrolabe, Caliper, Dioptra, Cannon, Water-Organ “pre-keyboard”, Dry-dock, Steam engine, Syringe, Catapult, Ballista, Sunction & Force Pump, Double action Piston Pump, Chain Pump, Incendiary weapons)
  • and thousands more technologies and inventions….

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