Buy Property in Greece – Apply for Residence Permit – General Procedure


  1. Choose a property or properties to inspect
  2. Collect and Legalize Documents
    To open a Bank Account in Greece
  3. Travel to Greece to see and/or buy the Property:
    a) Only Inspection:  est. 2 – 6 days *
    b) Inspection & Pre-Sale Contract:  est. 8 – 10  days *
  4. Confirm Buying the Property
  5. Authorize & Pay the Lawyer ( Power-of-Attorney)
  6. Sign the Pre-Sale Contract at Notary Public
    Pay approx. 10% Deposit to Seller
  7. Open a Bank Account & Obtain a Tax Number
    ( Lawyer Assistance )
  8. Follow Medical Exams in a Greek hospital
  9. Go back to home country
  10. Transfer the Amounts to Bank Account in Greece:
    Property Price – Fees – Taxes ( Excluding  the deposit )
  11. Apply for Travel Visa or for the National D-Visa ( Note. 2)
  12. Collect & Send Residence Permit documents to Lawyer
    ( Double Legalized )
  13. Pay Property Price – Taxes – Contract Fees – Registration:
    To Seller, Lawyer & Notary
    (  Lawyer authorized to pay from Customer’s Bank Account )
  14. Sign the Final Contract
    ( Authorized Lawyer or Customer )
  15. Lawyer Registers Property at Land Registry
  16. Obtain the Title Deed Certificate
    (usually within 7 working days)
  17. Visit Greece with Travel Visa or National D-Visa
  18. Apply for the Residence Permit (Lawyer Assistance)
  19. Obtain 5 years  Residence Permit within 2 months
Note 1. The Procedure may differ depending on the Customer, the Property, the Seller, the Lawyer firm and the current Immigration Law.
Note 2. The customers may apply for the a travel visa to visit Greece as is less complex than the National D-Visa. The National Visa has a valid duration from 3 months up to 1 year.
Note 3. The Step (3) Refers to working days.
Note 4. The customer needs to visit Greece at least 2 times to purchase the property & apply for the residence permit

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