Download Guide to Residence Permits for real estate owners in Greece

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  • Buying Real Estate at least 250.000€
  • 5 Years Residency Permit in Greece
  • Easy Renewal Every 5 years
  • Includes Owners and their Families
  • Co-ownership allowed (each 250.000€ )
  • Free Travel to Schengen Area
  • Not Required to stay in Greece
  • Fast Track Residence Permit in 2 months
  • Title Deed usually less than a week
  • Free Education & Access to Healthcare


  • Buying one or more properties in Greece with a Minimum total value of 250.000 € ( Less than Cyprus, 1/2 of Portugal & Spain).
  • 5 Years Residence Permit in Greece.
  • Free Travel to 26 Schengen Countries including 24 of the EU Countries. Maximum stay 3 months every 6 months in Schengen Area.
  • Easy Renewal process Every 5 years for the same duration if the ownership status remains unchanged.
  • Not Required to stay in Greece; No minimum or maximum period of living in Greece or number of revisits.
  • Family members, Spouse and Children less than 18 years old, may apply for a personal residence permit which is renewed for the same duration concurrently with the residence permit of the real estate owner-sponsor.
  • Shared Ownership, if each of the co-owners invests at least 250,000 €.
  • Joint Ownership for Spouses, for properties that worth at least 250.000 €
  • Fast Track Procedures within 2 months:  Property owners and their families obtain the 5-years residence permit, within 2 months from the date they submit the residence permit applications.
  • Freehold properties: No minimum period of ownership, full-rights on ownership and to re-sell.
  • Access to the Healthcare services &  Public Education free of tuition fees.
  • No funding sources explained,
  • No qualifications and language requirements

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