Loutraki, a Travel Destination in Greece

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Properties in Loutraki

Loutraki (map) is a beautiful seaside city/town, 78 km from the capital Athens, which is nestled into the Gulf of Corinth in Corinthia Greece close to the Isthmus Canal. It is well known as a resort town. Located within a reasonably easy driving distance from Athens and about 6 Km north of Corinth, it is the center of the Loutraki Agioi Theodoroi municipal area.

Loutraki is a resort center, with many visitors traveling to the area every year for holidays and some remaining to take up residency.

The name of the city, Loutraki is a reference to the many hot springs that exist in the area. The word “Loutro” in Greek means spa or bath house. The entire area is renowned for the many therapeutic spas and natural thermal springs that dot the breathtaking landscape.

Loutraki History

The town of Loutraki can not accurately be dated. It existed in antiquity, as far back as can be remembered. In ancient times Thermae was the name of the town or at least the site upon which the current town sits. It was about 1847 when an announcement was made in Italy that told about the many benefits of the hot springs that existed in the area and exclaimed about the many health benefits to be found in the natural spas. This caused a vast and rapid influx to the area by people from around the area. Insofar as the actual modern city, this movement qualifies as that founding.

The Advantages of Loutraki

Loutraki is a city that proves the resiliency and the heart of the residents who live there.

The proximity to the beach, the mild climate, the historical aspects of the area and the friendly and open residents of Loutraki are just a few of the reasons why you’d like to visit or to live in the area. The rich history and culture just add to the amazing pull that Loutraki places on those who see it just once.

A vast array of reasonably priced apartments as well as family houses on their own land are available in the immediate area, which means that you could be living in the sun drenched landscape surrounded by all that is best and brightest of Loutraki in a very short time.

Loutraki Attractions

The spas that are the real draw to Loutraki are derived from many different faults in the coastal area. Natural hot springs are discharged from a very deep area, making them mineral rich and health giving according to many. Today a wide array of travelers visit Loutraki specifically to see the hot springs and thermal areas , but those are not the only reasons to visit the area.

Cultural, natural, entertainment and religious attractions are all part of the area. From the wonderful crystal clear blue beaches to the lively Casino to the entertaining theme parks and the ancient religious areas, Loutraki has a lot to offer to the visitor to the town.

Just a few of the reasons that make Loutraki worth your time to see are:

  • The vast array of natural and healthy thermal spas and mineral springs. Travel the area and experience a wide range of different thermal spas and treatment services at the state-of-the-art super modern Thermal Spa Center.
  • Very high quality mineral water which is available in the area.
  • The Casino, the largest in Europe, offering entertainment literally around the clock with more than 1000 different slot machines and over 80 gaming tables for your entertainment. Surround yourself with luxury and great entertainment in the area casino.
  • The Geraneia Mountains nature area where you can see more than 950 different plants, many which are extremely rare, as well as hares, falcons and a wide range of predators such as foxes. Rare wildlife and plant life isn’t the only natural wonder. The beauty of the area is one reason why thousands of visitors come to Loutraki every year to experience the magnificent scenery
  • The Vouliagmeni Lake, a large wide lagoon surrounded by a natural pine forest where you can experience  great seafood dishes at the nearby Taverns , enjoy sunbathing on the golden sand and plunge in the crystal clear blue waters.
  • The ancient temples which are available for touring, including the Apollo temple and the Heraion temple.
  • The cuisine in the area is more than a big draw. Experience the sights the sounds and the tastes of traditional Greek foods in the many different small and large eateries in the area. Get off the beaten path and try some of the foods which are primarily eaten by the locals for a real taste treat. The placement of Loutraki on the sea means that the seafoods that you eat have never been fresher and the wide range of cultural seasonings will leave you longing for more.

How To Get There:

To get to Loutraki is relatively easy from anywhere in the world.

From Athens you’ll find  frequent buses that will travel to Loutraki while there is a convenient suburban railway from Athens as well as the airport with very frequent connections to the nearby city of Corinth, next to Loutraki.

Eleftherios Venizelos National Airport which is among the newest of the European airports and one of the most modern is located conveniently close to Athens as well. The airport is less than one and a half hours from Loutraki. Flights to Loutraki from many popular European cities range from just one hour to a little more than three hours. Even from Beijing you can find a flight that will last a little more than twelve hours via Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Air China or Aeroflot.

The sun, the surf and the pebble beaches are waiting for you. Your visit to Loutraki will see you relaxed and smiling, full of the sights, the sounds and the scents of a thousand years of history that is Loutraki.