The Seaside city of Loutraki, Greece

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Take the National Highway Road approximately 78 kilometers west of Athens and you will come to the enchanting city of Loutraki with 300,000 acres of beautiful seaside terrain. The city has approximately 18,000 full-time residents. During the summer months the local population can rise to 100,000 or more. The city lays on the east coast of the Corinth Gulf,  close to the isthmus canal that divides the peninsula of Peloponnese from the mainland Greece.

What draws so many people to this small city in Central Greece each year? The great Mediterranean climate gives the city a pleasant, relaxing vibe all year round. Loutraki does not experience the humidity that most warm regions suffer during the summer. The city also enjoys the warmth of the sun for a much longer period each year than most other vacation destinations.

An amazing natural environment with crystal blue waters surrounded by the enticing Geraneia Mountains and miles of beautiful beaches. Not only is the natural terrain breathtakingly beautiful, but the mountains and beaches provide endless opportunities for fun and relaxation. The water itself draws attention from around the world for its medicinal properties, though natural mineral water is present as well.

The Perfect Holiday Escape

Loutraki is an exciting escape destination for a short vacation, but it is just as perfect for an extended vacation. There are lots of things to look forward to when visiting this unique seaside city:

  1.  Experience the magical combination of mountains and sea. The mild Mediterranean climate ensures you have perfect weather to explore these interesting terrain combinations.
  2. The city is within a convenient distance of vital archaeological sites. These are must-see vacation hot spots for Central Greece tourists.
  3. One of the most blue and pure water you have ever dipped your toes in. The seawater of Loutraki has received the “Blue Flag” on a consistent basis since 1987.
  4.  Since Loutraki is less than an hour distance from Athens, the beautiful beaches are flooded with locals and visitors ready to have fun. Sink your toes into the sand, work on your tan, or simply enjoy a drink or two while you take in the action.
  5. Explore the Loutraki Thermal Spa Center. This modern, luxury facility offers therapeutic treatments and wellness sessions using pure water from the city’s natural thermal springs. See what the “water of life” can do for your health and well-being.
  6. The luxurious Club Hotel Casino Loutraki is the largest casino in Europe boasting 1000 slot machines and 100 gaming tables. Experience the luxury modern environment and the outstanding quality of service. Demanding players may seek privacy in the excellent equipped VIP rooms.
  7. Travel thousands of years back in local history.  Experience the beautiful Mediterranean sunset at the nearby ancient temples, the Apollo and the Hereon temples.
  8. Visit the Blue Lake in the Vouliagmeni region. Escape to a stunning lagoon surrounded by a pine forest and taste fresh seafood cooked with local flavor in comfortable taverns. Swimming and sunbathing are popular ways to pass time at the Blue Lake.
  9. Search for natural springs hidden in the hills of the Geraneia Mountains. Track down the churches and monasteries tucked into the pine forests of the mountains. Spend some time under a canopy of trees and connect with nature.
  10. Never-ending dining opportunities. Slip into the local seafood taverns or search out traditional local restaurants. Take someone special to a luxurious romantic restaurant. Treat the family to the local kebabs. Experience the Greek frozen yogurt and delicious treats found in the bakeries. From fast food to sit-down restaurants, Loutraki is a food-lover’s dream.
  11. Explore the city after the sun goes down. The nightlife is heated with fun nightclubs, bars, and live Greek music. Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to celebrate life.
  12. Join amateur and professional athletes and get active while away from home. Loutraki is well known as a hot destination for sports tours, and it is home to many popular sporting events and athletic training camps. The championship games and tournaments for multiple sports have been launched in this spectacular city by the sea over the years. You may also visit during the WRC Acropolis Rally, otherwise known as the “Rally of Gods.” This is just one of my sporting events held in Loutraki every year.
  13. Live in luxury at the five-star Club Hotel Loutraki or Poseidon Resort. There are 50 hotels with 8,000 beds serving the city, so there are accommodations for every budget.

Loutraki for Permanent Residency

Loutraki can perfectly match the requirements for permanent residency as well, due to the close proximity to Athens  and the amazing combination of natural environment. The Modern housing infrastructure provides a vast selection of new and reasonably priced apartments and family houses are available in the immediate area, which means that you could be living in the sun drenched landscape surrounded by all that is best and brightest of Loutraki in a very short distance from Athens.

The Education Infrastructure.

There are 2 public elementary schools and one public middle-high School. Public education in Greece is provided free of charge and textbooks are provided free for all students. For those willing to pay for more there is a large modern private school providing high-quality education to students. There are also many smaller private schools operating alongside the state education providing foreign language lessons and supplementary tuition. After high-school successful students may follow courses in prestigious public and private Universities and Institutions conveniently located in the capital Athens in a short distance from Loutraki.

Accessibility to Loutraki

Best of all, Loutraki is easy to fit into your Greece vacation. It is located in central Greece and is easy to access by air, land, or sea.

Arriving by Air

Fly into one of the most modern airports in Europe, the Athens International Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos. This is a busy airport with all of the conveniences you would expect from a modern airport. The drive from the airport to Loutraki should take less than 1 ½ hours.

You can easily connect flights from well-known European cities to Athens with flight times ranging from one to less than four hours. International flights to Greece are quite popular.  Flying to Athens from Beijing is just a half-day away stopover trip with Lufthansa, Air China, Aeroflot, or Turkish Airlines.

Arriving by Bus

Are you traveling on a budget? Do you prefer to keep your feet on the ground and immerse yourself in local culture? Hop on a bus connecting Loutraki to surrounding areas. The routes are extensive, so you can easily get around the city and travel between cities by bus.

Arriving by Suburban Railway

Trains are leaving every hour and will take you to the airport, Athens, or other cities you may want to visit. This is one of the most popular forms of transportation to Athens for visitors travelling to Loutraki.

Arriving by Private Vehicle

Loutraki is a pleasant one-hour drive from Athens. Head out the Greek National Road Athens-Korinthos, which is part of European Route E-75. If you don’t have access to a car and don’t want to rent a car, consider taking a taxi. There are taxis servicing Loutraki around the clock.

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